IMG_7618 My son has to go and have his adenoids out tomorrow. The hospital rang and said “If he has his own pyjamas which button up down the front he can wear those to theatre, if not, he can wear a gown.” And I said “Why do they have to button up down the front?” thinking of what he wears to bed at the moment, which is usually just a vest as he sweats so much at night (a side effect of enlarged adenoids) I don’t make him wear much.

The admissions nurse said “Well, they have to unbutton his pyjamas in order to attach the heart monitor during the operation.”

What bothered me was not so much the heart monitor it was the thought of someone else unbuttoning his little pyjamas. Probably a nurse! I’ve lost him to another woman already.

Anyway I thought Sam would probably freak if I made him put on a hospital gown so I went straight to The White Company, like any decent human being, and bought him this natty outfit. It was on sale. I punched the air, as I cried into one of Sam’s baby photos.