Denim jacket, £29.99, H&M

Hang on… haven’t I got one of those? *rummage rummage rummage*… no it seems I don’t.

Turns out the one I thought I had was the one I pinched off my sister throughout 1994, 5 and 6 whenever she wasn’t there, or looking. It was from French Connection and it was pale blue, cropped and freaking awesome.

Then it went somewhere. Probably a charity shop because denim jackets were OUT along with scrunchies and contrasting lipliner, silver/amber jewellery and such.

But denim jackets are back again. I’ve always liked them – despite never actually owning one – but now they are allowed. And they are a thing you can get that can make previously tricky items in your wardrobe suddenly work. This slightly prim dress that I never have the right garden party to go to? Put the denim jacket over it. These patterned/suede/leather shorts that make me feel a bit try-hard? Put the denim jacket over them.

I am usually banned from H&M because I end up spending £200 on a clutch of really awful things, but sometimes H&M knocks it out of the park, like with that black jersey dress with the scoop neck and 3/4 length sleeves that I wore EVERYWHERE for the whole of 2005. Or the slouchy khaki trousers I have been wearing since the end of May that my friend Irish Mary thought were from J Brand.

They’ve come right again with this denim jacket, which has a good colour wash and is a nice medium weight so that you can roll the sleeves up (which you never could with the old French Connection one, god rest its soul). Note to self: do not give it to a charity shop when denim jackets go out of fashion again… they’ll come back round sure enough.