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I picked up this book because a review copy was sent to my husband. I’ve got no idea why. The  random stuff that turns up at our house defies explanation. It’s never anything useful, like sleeping pills or an extra iPhone charger and I spend most of my time carting it off to charity shops.

But, anyway, through the door came this book *THUNK*. I started reading it because I was looking for something to read and I was hooked!

It’s about ancient Rome, basically, and that’s all I can tell you. It’s the last in a trilogy about the fall of Rome and something about Caesar and something or other else and something and I don’t know what’s going on especially but it’s terrific!

You need absolutely no actual knowledge of anything at all to read it and it’s terrifically atmospheric and gripping even though my knowledge of history is limited to Blackadder, and he never went to Rome. It’s an amazing trick to pull off, to be able to write a novelised version of historical events and make it actually interesting to a total and complete layman. Hats off.

I haven’t finished it yet but something tells me things don’t end well for Caesar.