All sorts of onesies, jumpsuits and dungarees are being worn with flair and enthusiasm in my part of North London at the moment. I read on the internet that this is part of the “Millennium Mum” trend; Millennium Mums wear denim onsies and dye the ends of their hair pink and “Instagram the shit out of their Saturdays”.

… excuse me while I kill myself by jumping into my bath with my ghds for being such a horrible cliche…

No but seriously I don’t mind being a cliche. I like it! It makes me feel secure, like I’m doing the right thing, rather than frightened that I am doing the wrong thing.

So I am absolutely down with being dressed the same as everyone else – I just felt like dungarees were a trend too far. And also I think I look bloody stupid, and fat, and uncool in dungarees.

And yet! And yet… and yet… I found myself buying this pair from New Look for £19.00 via the other day. I really honestly don’t know why. And also buying clothes that cheap is WRONG.

But I bought them anyway in that kind of brain-dead scary zombie way that one makes purchases on the internet. I tried them on and asked my four year-old Kitty how I looked. She gave a thumbs up. I asked my husband how I looked and he put his head on one said and said “Yeah alright.” Then I asked my two year-old how I looked and he screamed and ran at me, head-butted me in the fanny and said “CAN I WATCH FIREMAN SAM NOW.”

In fact they have come in quite handy for bumming about the house and looking after the kids. The front pocket is particularly handy for stashing one’s mobile phone, or keys, or emergency Tunnocks Caramel wafers into.


Today, as it is a shitty rainy day, I am wearing my dungarees with my heavy-duty raincoat. I loathe raincoats! They are sweaty and horrible. In all but the most fiendish downpours I wear a leather jacket. I absolutely refuse to get a Sportsmac – you know what I mean, something you might use for hill walking or something – because I find the colours and cut so incongruous and depressing when worn with jeans and a sweatshirt.

But when it is really hammering it down and one must run up the road to collect a child from nursery (too close to drive – too far not to get totally drenched) it is imperative to have a good raincoat.

So I purchased at surprising expense last year this Kellifray mac from for £120. It is really good – not a whiff of depressing Sportsmac about it and it goes all the way down to the knees. Plus it has a really big roomy hood so you don’t have to sort of squash your head into it, and deep pockets for stashing mobile phones, keys, emergency Tunnocks Caramel Wafers and so on.

As with all outerwear, pushing the sleeves up makes for a less douchebaggy look.