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It’s not getting that cold yet but it is time to start thinking about your winter woolies, because a bizarre thing about shopping in this country is that by the time it gets really, bone-chillingly cold – around January/February next year, there will be no winter clothes available.

It’s annoying to have to shop for non-current weather but unfortunately that’s what everyone else is doing, so you have to do it to even if you’re normal and not a mad fashion freak.

Anyway to make buying your winter sweaters easier – it’s making the commitment to a £100+ purchase that’s the trouble – I was to recommend to you this lovely wool turtleneck from J Crew. It’s £110 but it is worth it; you will wear it all winter. I had two crewneck versions of this last winter and they were excellent. It has a nice relaxed shape but the knit is reasonably fine so won’t make you look bulky and fat(ter). The only drawback is that it gets bobbly quite easily. If I were feeling more flush I would get two of these because it’s nice to have one for Sunday best and one for bumming around in.

It is dry-clean only, but you will never be arsed to dry-clean this. So just put it through the washing machine on the wool cycle: this will make it shrink just a tiny bit, so get a size larger than you need. I am a 10-12 and got my turtleneck in a L.

Buy it NOW. I predict that by the end of October these will have sold out in all the best colours.