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I am a big believer of saying thank you. And after you have kids you spend most of your time saying thank you. Thank you for the gift, thank you for holding the door for me, thank you for the children’s party. Thank you for the morphine directly into my spine: thank you, thank you, thank you.

Writing a card or a note is always nice, but it’s a pain and you never get round to it and unless you walk to the postbox saying “letter, letter, letter” all the way there, the card will sit in your bag and go on a small tour of Tufnell Park and Kentish Town before being brought back to the house, untroubled by Royal Mail’s sorting and posting system.

So after I had kids I stopped even trying to write to say thank you, figuring that a prompt, emphatic, amusing email would do.

But there are always some people in your life who just freaking LOVE a good, posted thank you. And the other thing they love is a picture that they can stick on their fridge, not just one attached as a GIIIIIAAAAAAANNNNNNT jpeg on an email. But printing out a picture and putting it in an envelope and getting it in the post box? Never going to happen. Never!

Rejoice with me, then, for Touchnote! This App lets you arrange photos from your phone onto a postcard or greetings-card style template and then they print it out for you and post it. Win, win, every time.