I suffer from long back disease, which means that my back is disproportionately long for the rest of my body. It’s a massive bummer, meaning that jumpers and t-shirts are always too short and you can pretty much forget ever finding a jumpsuit that doesn’t switch you in half at the most critical point.

So I am rejoicing hard at the availability at the moment of tabards, which are long tunic-things which come down at the front and the back – to most people’s knees, but on stop at around the top of my thighs.

It is hard, when you have long back disease, to find sweaters that come down this far and there is something more streamlined and chic about this sort of tunic (with small slits at the sides so that one can nonchalantly slip one’s hands into one’s pockets without a large bunching of sweater up round the wrists) than a bulky sweater. You can also wear it over a long or short sleeved t-shirt which will give the crucial “layering” effect that tedious fashion douchebags are always going on about. (To whom I am total craven nevertheless).

If you have followed my advice and gone for a pair of pleather leggings then a tunic or tabard is particularly handy as they will eliminate the awful front/back view of anyone vaguely normal while wearing such things.

The one in the photo above is this one from TopShop and I love it a lot. Isabel Marant has done something similar, but hers stops at the waist, which for the above-mentioned reasons, even if I could afford it, would be no good for me.