Shirt – J Crew. Coat – Jigsaw. Jeans – Acne. Shoes – Aldo. Earrings – Dinny Hall

One sort of good thing about being 35 is that you have gathered, by then, quite a few clothes. You’ve done a lot of throwing away H&M things in a rage wardrobe edits and finally you have the “classics” that tedious fashion douchebags are always going on about – jackets, jeans, a white shirt, “fun” shoes etc.

So then you can do a thing that some people call “shopping” from within your own wardrobe. This makes me want to cry a bit from the pathetic-ness of the language. “Shopping from your own wardrobe”?? Please, please just stop.

Anyway it is still the case that once you have all these things that people bang on about you can hop onto the clothes website of your choice and then rummage through their current looks for one of which you have all the component parts. For example last night I was on the J Crew website and I saw this girl in a get up that speaks loudly to me, it being part-tomboy, part-vagrant.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 11.11.59

And I thought… hang on… I’ve got most of that. I mean, I hate the way she’s got her hat on and I would no more “shoulder robe” an item of clothing than I would say “shoulder robe” or “top ten kitchen hacks”. But sometimes you need a little shove in the direction of what to wear in the morning. This thing or that thing, who cares really? But if J Crew says wear it then you might as well.

** a note on “boyfriend” jeans. I bought mine from Acne when the boyfriend shape was still quite literal and quite over the top. If you like the sound of non-strangulating jeans but would like something a bit less extreme and a bit less expensive, (I still have to wear mine 150 more times until I get the cost-per-wear down to £1), I hear that Gap’s “girlfriend” jeans are very wearable.