These extremely chic and, most important, very practical baby bloomers for friend with new baby – or your own baby, even. From the very modern and completely British Clary&Peg. Also, only £15, but could be from Bonpoint.

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Start practising your Hallowe’en biscuits this weekend, using this gingerbread recipe.

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Snort it like your mum’s got the kids for the night

First Defence. We are right in cold season, if you hadn’t noticed, and First Defence WILL stop you from getting a cold. If you’re not convinced it just means you are using it wrong.

So when you feel like there’s a tickle of a cold coming on don’t just take a squirt and then surrender to the inevitability of a honking streamer – you’ve got to bang it up there like it’s 2005: every 3 hours for the rest of the day. Just don’t stop until you feel it retreating. Take some ibuprofen to keep your spirits up.

I know it’s not nice. I know it trickles down the back of your throat yuckily and makes you feel a bit ill but it’s better than another bloody cold.