For one reason or another, I have got quite a lot of empty wall space to fill.

It’s mostly because neither I nor my husband think to buy “art”, or posters or anything to stick on the wall. It just never occurs to us. We’ve bought one or two things, nearly been sick at the cost and still sort of put our heads on one side when we pass it in the hallway or kitchen and go “is that okay? Or terrible?”

I’m sure we do have enough money to buy more “art” – it’s just not a priority. But if you don’t have things on the wall it’s just too awful and depressing.

Anyway recently what with Sam at nursery and Kitty at school I’ve got a tiny bit more time on my hands to think about such things. And then a really good picture framer opened at the top of my road and I had a brainwave.

You can basically frame pretty much anything and stick it on the wall. In the last 20 years, framing a lot of family black and white photos and hanging them together has been a thing (you don’t need a framer for that though – get thee to Ikea.)

But I had an idea about framing some old children’s books – The Story of Lazy Bush Tail and The Bunney-Fluff’s Moving Day – my favourites when I was little. The framer up the road does a line in hand-finished frames in Farrow and Ball colours. I know everyone makes fun of Farrow and Ball but the colours are very nice so I had them framed open at pages that I particularly dwelled on as a child.



Okay, not really cheap – getting these two framed, plus another print, was just shy of £300. But that’s one wall covered. And I love them a damn sight more than some old shit from The Affordable Art Fair.

The other things I have found to stick on my wall have been colour plates from Animalium, razored out and put in £6 jobbies from Ikea. Alright alright so my house isn’t going to win any design prizes, but I’m quite pleased with the idea.