While we’re on the subject of interiors, if you are looking for a bed and fretting hugely about the insane cost, consider Loaf.

You probably know all about it already – your bed may even be from there! – but if you don’t, have only seen Loaf advertised in the back of weekend supplements and are a bit suspicious of it, I am here to tell you that you may buy from there with confidence.

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This bed in Super-King will set you back £895 without mattress. This is VERY good value.

I bought our bed from there nearly six years ago and it is fantastic – comfy and solid. Two blokes arrive with the bed in bits and assemble it for you.

It doesn’t wobble and shudder when either Giles or I are hysterical with insomnia or seamy with a headcold, rolling about and punching the pillow, so as to wake the other. Our mattress is medium-firm and to turbo-bliss the whole arrangement you can add a topper, which is a sort of duvet on elastic that you put underneath your bottom sheet to provide a cloud-like layer of comfort under your aching frame.

I’m not sure how they keep their prices so low – I think it might be something to do with not having a huge amount of warehouse space; things are often made to order, so you have to wait a bit, you can’t have your bed NOW in the same way you could from John Lewis. The savings they make on the warehouse space they pass on to the customer.

Or perhaps they’re all just nicked.