I think “layering” is one of those ways of dressing cited by tedious fashion douchebags as a “thing” and as a “trend” purely because it’s such a strange, slippery, odd, mutable concept: thus only really they are able to get it right.

But let’s get one thing straight: layering is not haute couture. There is such a thing as “luxe layering” but broadly this is a street thing. And yes, yes – it is as simple as wearing a lot of layers, all of which can be seen either wholly or party.

Lo, regard above: this was a classic street layering look I exercised yesterday: a checked shirt underneath a fine-knit hoodie from Victoria’s Secret, (an otherwise totally and completely hateful shop, VS lightweight hoodies are really handy), underneath a denim jacket. I mean, I was wearing it for convenience – it was just that sort of weather that required this sort of get-up, but it struck me that it was also a classic case of layering.

Noticing that something that you did entirely by accident is part of a fashion movement is so silly as to point to the whole thing as being such bullshit.