Get excited about…

Soho Home

Soho House Group continues on its quest for world domination with Soho Home, which is an online homewares store. I have absolutely no exclusives for you whatsoever, I can only repeat the blurb on the inside of the little leaflet I picked up at Soho Farmhouse when I was there – whenever it was.

“From the furniture, rugs, blankets and wellies to the crockery, glassware, cutlery and picnic baskets, Soho Home created much of what you’ve used here especially for Farmhouse. Visit our shop to take home a piece of exclusive Soho House design.” 

The link will lead you to the home page of the shop which isn’t up and running yet, but if you put in your email address you will get an email when it’s open and you can buy as many tasteful cushions as your overdraft allows. I’ve got no idea when it will be up and running, sorry.

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 13.42.50

Me? I’ve given up on my house, really. Lived-in is a generous way of describing it. Shabby is closer to the truth. The answer is to simply never invite anyone round.

Also get excited about…

Claudia for Marks and Spencer

Claudia Winkleman has done a make-up range for Marks and Spencer, which looks like a hoot. I just trust Claudia, as well as thinking she is just well funny, (please watch this brilliant interview with her for The Pool if you haven’t seen it already), and I like the sound of her eyeliner “The Game Changer.” I also like the Claudia idea of just wearing the same sort of thing every day, putting the same face on, just having a “look” and it being you and that’s that, instead of wasting time and money on things you’ll never wear, orange/blue/purple nail varnish and so on.

Again, as above with Soho House I have absolutely no exclusives or exciting, new things to tell you about this, only information and pictures I have stolen off the internet. Available in store and online from 21 November.

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 13.46.15


A lot of “Winter” candles from The White Company. I love a smelly candle because I’m such a nauseating cliche (I also love bare floorboards, fairy lights and cashmere socks) but my husband absolutely hates them except this White Company candle, which reminds him of Christmas in the Ralph Lauren shop in Paris, where he worked for a year in 1990 – so I bulk buy and have them on from November through until January 1st, (when I move a hundredweight of hyacinths into the house). It makes me feel as if my house is a somehow chic and inviting place to be – as if I might sit about applying and taking off nail varnish while wearing cashmere socks – as opposed to the aforementioned ramshackle North London townhouse in which I lie on the sofa watching 30 Rock and internet shopping.

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 13.55.06
£22 for a little one