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This is not my spin class

I have found my exercise! I went spinning last Thursday and it was revelatory.

Best things:

1 Incredibly loud house music but listened to through your own headphones

2 Incredibly dark

3 All bikes in a line so no self-consciousness about anyone having to look at my fat arse

4 Feet strapped onto pedals so no risk of staggering or toppling over, which happens to me when doing anything else e.g. running/step class/circuits

5 No co-ordination needed

AND thanks to the spin teacher, Abi (who is a man), I don’t feel too bad this morning; we stretched for a full five minutes after the class and then he advised us to stretch again for 30 seconds each stretch after our shower. I’ve never done that before after exercise and today I feel surprisingly alright. Of course, I also feel like I’ve ridden bareback across America on a pony with the world’s boniest back.

Anyway I recommend spinning to anyone who’s never done it – it won’t make you sick as long as you take it easy for your first class. If anyone reading this lives near Tufnell Park come next Thursday! 7.30pm, St George’s Church hall on Crayford Road. Giddy up!