I had a brainwave the other day. Or it might not have been a brainwave, I still have to wait to find out.

Anyway what happened was that I am still thinking about a Christmas or Fairisle sweater – there are now plenty of options available but I have been unable to commit to anything. There is this one in The White Company … but is it just too damnably tasteful and boring in charcoal grey and white?

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 14.36.01

I have so few colourful clothes that I though something jazzy in a Fairisle might be nice come Christmastime. I turned back to Boden, which had disappointed me earlier this autumn by sending me a very bulky, unruly and scratchy sweater, which I immediately returned.

But I fell to thinking again not about Boden but about Johnnie B, the young person’s diffusion Boden. Perhaps a colourful sweater in age 16+ might fit me and also be less bulky than the adult version? Or something? The one I really wanted was sold out so I took a punt on this one, for maximum festiveness:

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 14.29.11

It’s all a moot point as it’s almost always too warm in December to wear a massive sweater such as this. I am continually baffled by all the people I see on the street swaddled in pom pom hats and puffa coats. It’s warm, everyone! I’ve still got my ankles out.

No matter, this sweater is a bargain at £48, as it is exempt from VAT, it being technically a child’s item of clothing. Look, it might be a disaster. I won’t know until it arrives.

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