AA Gill’s memoir Pour Me: A Life. Sort of about drinking, sort of about his childhood, not really about food. This is not Girl on The Train, guys – there are a lot of words here. You need to get your reading glasses on and, like, concentrate. But it is rewarding and engaging – and I’m not just saying that because Adrian’s my mate.

In fact, is he my mate? Not really sure – you can’t ever quite tell with him.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 11.58.33


A red jumper. Red is back, having been cast into colour Coventry for a while along with lime green and fuchsia. I got this very smart, festive and wearable sweater off the sale rail in Me + Em’s store in Connaught Street (definitely have a little look in this weekend if you are in town) with a bargain ticket price of £61.


p.s. more news on Me + Em’s sold out and totally amazing side stripe trousers soon.


… in your hair with some hair chalks. I got those off Amazon but there are tons of other options. You damp them and rub them on and they’re gone after two hair washes. On rainy days the kids and I dye all my ends to resemble the plumage of a tropical bird. It’s actually very marvellous fun – especially if, like me, you are a tiny bit obsessed with “My Little Pony Hair” pins on Pinterest. Sort of fabulous, sort of horrifying. But I can’t look away.

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