This fleece snood is the best I’ve found for kids – and even adults – when the temperature plummets in around January until March. Children are inept and untrustworthy with scarves but need something to cover their bare, fragile little necks from the blasted, sleet-flecked wind whistling across the playground.

The Snoody is soft and very flexible – easy to get over little protesting heads. It’s also very long, goes right up to under the neck and even stretches round the ears and over the head for those really cold, heads-down buggy-marches back to the house at 4.45pm.

I’ve tried a few different snoods – the one from JoJoMamanBebe (though they do most things well) is too stiff and thick. The Snoody is feather light. Unbeatable.

They sell out fast, so get yours here now. I was given one for Kitty and last year didn’t get one for Sam in time and they sold out. So this year, I’ve got one for Sam in blue and one for me in grey. My husband is pretty competent with a scarf so he’ll have to make do with that.

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£14.99. You will be so grateful for this come January.