I absolutely adore this Fairisle crew neck from J Crew. I really madly want it, but I think I am sort of set for sweaters this winter, I’ve got about 17. Plus, I’m writing a piece about compulsive shoppers at the moment and I think I might be one. So I’m trying not to buy anything for a bit.

But you must get this – you can never have enough sweaters until you get to 17 or thereabouts. And you must must have at least ONE Fairisle/Christmas sweater.

Do not get one from Gap. J Crew knitwear is the absolute best and it will be a flattering and cosy fit. Also, there is an absolute embarrassment of sizes available, which there won’t be forever, so if you want it, get on with it. I know I always say that but honestly, there’s nothing more crushing than thinking “Okay I love it I’m going to get it” and there’s only one sweater in an XXXXS left. The multi-coloured version of this sweater has now completely sold out, so, you know, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

J Crew comes up a bit small and you’ll want this to be cosy, so go a size up – if you’re a 12, get a L.

It’ll be worth the wait for shipping – J Crew do like to take their cool time to ship stuff to you – and also the expense, though £89 for a sweater isn’t actually too bad. And you will love it like a pet.

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