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This is not my hand

I have a terrible habit of picking at my cuticles. It drives my husband crazy “STOP PICKING AT YOUR FUCKING HANDS” he will bellow at me, sometimes snapping me out of a auto-mutilation reverie I didn’t even realise I was in.

A vital tool in my arsenal against cuticle savagery is hand cream. If your cuticles are soft, there’s less to get hold of. And with small children, there is an endless cycle of hand washing, which leads to drying, which leads to dry cuticles, which leads to open warfare.

I had always thought that this Vaseline hand cream was the best, the freshest-smelling, the least greasy and the most effective hand cream I’d found. But for some insane reason, I stopped buying it and started trying others. And, they’re just not as good. Even the Clarins hand cream, while delightful, is just that little bit too strong-smelling, that little tiny bit too greasy to be a really good, hard-working hand cream. It’s not that I’ve been using them and they haven’t been as good, it’s that at the critical moment post-handwash when I consider my various hand cream options I hesitate and then often don’t use one at all.

So I pulled myself together two days ago and bought 3 small tubes of this hand cream and stashed one next to every sink.

It’s already making a difference to my poor picked-at, mistreated hands. Do yours a favour, too.