… the blog Belgian Waffling. I’ve got a problem with other blogs because they make me feel insecure and inadequate. But I can’t not read this blog because it’s so funny and brilliant.

Waffle is an ex-pat in Belgium and she has a sad-looking whippet and two sons, one of whom writes these sort of mad phonetic texts that I can barely read for tears of laughter running down my cheeks.

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This short moon and star necklace from Hush. I have a mania for necklaces from Hush – they are incredibly useful. This short necklace would layer in a pleasing way with either my long heart or star necklace from previous seasons. It’s the sort of thing that turns an outfit from tomboy/vagrant into acceptable. Also available in gold.

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… Inside Out, if you didn’t see it in the cinema. Now available on iTunes for £13.99 to buy and £4.49 to rent. We have already watched it about seven times since the weekend. “Who’s your friend that likes to play? BING BONG! BING BONG!”

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