Errr wow so… hello from the other side of a wicked (as in evil) 24 hour stomach thing

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 10.01.31
Not a pic of my evil bug, but a selfie from last night

As I write I am still feeling a bit dicey but I have had a cup of tea and four (4) slices of white toast topped with salty butter and sliced banana as decreed by the BRAT diet.

This, if you don’t know, is an order of things you are supposed to eat, which will create some sort of optimum gut environment after the trauma of puking/crapping yourself inside out.

So you eat, in this order:





Some people add yoghurt at the end, to form the BRATY diet, [I’m sure there’s a joke here somewhere but I’m a bit dazed to pin it down], but I say, why complicate things.

Anyway: good luck.