Kitty needed a new winter, all-purpose coat so I got her this parka from – try not to do a sick in your mouth – Boden.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 10.19.24

I had been considering another neon, spotted puffa thing from somewhere like John Lewis and then I thought no: she’s too big for that now. It’s time for a grown-up coat: it’s time for a parka.

A side note: children grow out of things in such a strange way – Kitty’s former green spotted puffa thing was way too big for her for ages. Then about two weeks ago I noticed it fit properly – now it’s little more than a gilet.

The other thing about such things as big neon puffy spotted coats is that they don’t do for party wear. Ditto disgusting muddy trainers. So Kitty now has this very all-purpose coat that will go with school wear or party wear and some sparkly silver high-tops that are never to see mud, ever, never.

BUT!! There is a problem – there’s always a problem – this coat isn’t waterproof. And blimey the mums on Boden were pissed off about it. “This coat arrived and it isn’t waterproof!!” shrieked a comment. “Get your act together, Boden!”

I bought it anyway because except for the freakish downpours we’ve had recently, as a 5 year old living in North London you’re unlikely to be caught outside for a long time in the sort of downpour that would soak you to the skin.

Added to that, I plan to invest in some ScotchGard and spray the living daylights out of the parka, which will hold the rain off Kitty for that few precious seconds she might need to scrabble out of the sandpit and seek shelter.

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