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£71.10 from John Lewis

I have been without my Clarisonic facial brush for about a month now and my skin has fallen to bits correspondingly. Patchy, dull, flaky, congested. Awful.

I felt so resentful about buying another Clarisonic because mine conked out a mere year after buying it. I contacted Clarisonic and they just properly couldn’t give a fuck that they’d sold me a turkey.

I knew that Clinique had brought out a similar brush but I was wary about buying yet another one – but my skin was just in uproar, staging a campaign against my social life and my marriage by breaking out angrily in pickets across my face.

So I wearily got out my wallet and spent £71.10 – £100 less than a new Clarisonic – on this Clinique Sonic brush – and I got a facial wash, “clarifying lotion” (toner?) and moisturiser thrown in.

I haven’t used anything by Clinique since the nineties and I was charmed by how literally nothing has changed. The clarifying lotion still carries a big “FLAMMABLE” warning on the back – Toto we are not in Eve Lom anymore.

The brush is not as reassuringly brutal as the Clarisonic but I think it works. I’ve been using the brush, wash, lotion and moisturiser faithfully for a week now and my skin is, genuinely, transformed. Okay, it was in a parlous state to begin with but it really is better. It really does work.

And if it conks out, I kept the bloody receipt this time.