Photo on 04-12-2015 at 12.04 #3

Ears generally and having loads of ear piercings is now a thing. It’s been a thing for a while – I knew it was when Becky B turned up with an extra piercing in her ear last year. I thought she was being weird, that she’d just gone mad after having baby no.2 – but in fact she was just fashionably previous, as usual.

As with so many fashion things I dismissed jumping on board thinking “I can’t do it, it’s just so craven of me, so try-hard. And it will be over any minute now.” But it’s not over – and I did want one. I quite like the odd tasteful extra piercing and I’ve got a tattoo, although tattoos are rarely tasteful (except my friend Alice who has a little bow on the inside of her wrist, which she carries off very dashingly).

My dad always says that my habit of tattooing and piercing myself is an example of my proletariat roots asserting themselves – but he is just envious that I am so posh these days that I can behave like a complete chavver without caring.

Anyway so one day last week when Sam was finally back at nursery after his multiple illnesses – poor little mite – I went into Claire’s Accessories, on my own, at 10.05 in the morning and got an extra piercing. It barely hurt, was a bit sore for an hour afterwards and it’s like I’ve had it forever. I love it – it makes me say something that I never have before: “I really want a third.”