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I just tried to record a video post showing you how to tie a Tiffany bow, which is probably my most useful life skill (because I worked at Tiffany for 3 months about a million years ago).

Alas, I gave up after I fucked it up for the third time.

But, I agonised, I think Spikers will really enjoy knowing how to tie a Tiffany bow!

If you don’t know already, a Tiffany bow is the bow they tie up all those boxes with at Tiffany, which comes off in one tug. The bow also crosses the box flush at the back, so the present sits all nice and flat, not wonky from the two ends of ribbon having been mashed and twisted against each other.

It’s a bit fiddly to do but it’s really worth mastering because it will make any present, no matter how shit, look amazing. From the outside at least.

So lucky then for all of us that I can link you to this tutorial on YouTube for how to do it. Thank the Lord for YouTube!

Ignore the very ridiculous woman’s instructions for the exact dimensions of the box and the exact length of the ribbon – just look at the method: you can apply it to really box – square or rectangular – of any size.