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My friend Annie Kelly is a journalist and works on special investigation projects focussing on, basically, the worst and most terrible stuff in the world.

Human trafficking, modern slavery, refugees – all the stuff that you and I, or at least I, just do not want to think about it. I don’t know how she can stand it. Sometimes I think she wonders how she can stand it. But she keeps doing it – and whenever I see her she is always cheerful, never harangues me, never makes me feel bad or guilty for just getting on with my life and talking a lot about shopping. It’s a mean feat.

So I was surprised but delighted to get an email from her suggesting that if Spikers are interested at this time of year in giving to a charity, but do not have a particular one close to their hearts, that this charity, Refuge, is worthwhile.

Annie says this: “These parcels actually do make many families’ shitty Christmasses in some shitty refuge escaping their shitty husbands/fathers more bearable.”

She adds “I also realise this isn’t exactly what your readers may be after but hey, worth a punt.”

It certainly was!

Come on, do me proud, Spikers… I have already given. And remember, I can see how many click-throughs each link on this blog gets. No pressure.