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I never wear lipstick, or even really lipgloss. I have gone through phases when I have thought “God I have got to get my shit together and not look like such a wreck all the time” then patiently and committedly worn lipgloss all the time for about a week.

Then I think “Jesus, this is so tiring, putting on the lipgloss all the time. What kind of douchebag is able to think about lipgloss so much?” Then I lose the lipgloss somewhere, and then it’s over.

And as a general rule, I just don’t buy or use lipstick. I don’t have that thing where I don’t feel “dressed” without my lipstick. I’m just not that feminine. I don’t feel “dressed” without my eyeliner, but then neither does Alice Cooper.

But, as it happens, I have been using a lip colour from a Laura Mercier palatte that somehow made its way into my house. I happened past a Laura Mercier concession stand today and said “Do you still do a lip colour called “Peony?”” expecting the answer to be “No” because these make-up places, they bloody change things all the time. You can guarantee that the minute you absolutely and totally depend on a cosmetic, the brand will discontinue it – see exhibit 1: Bourjois 10 hour sleep effect foundation. Exhibit 2: LAURA MERCIER you TRAITOR shadestick in oyster Exhibit 3: shadesticks by Mac in a sort of taupe, I forget the exact stupid name.

So I was so surprised that this lipstick was still in production that I bought it for £18.50!!! And I am faithfully and commitedly wearing it. It’s only been 2 days but I have high hopes. Check back with me in a week.

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