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As if by magic, just as it gets really cold, there isn’t a cosy welly sock to be had in any high street shop. I got the last few pairs from Mothercare, which are really good – stretch right up to the knee and are springy and cosy.

But if you haven’t got any and you’re looking at the dropping temperatures with some horror, have a look around Muddy Puddles – they are a year-round rain and ski wear supplier and so less often rashly sell out of things that you need like other websites JOJOMAMAN BEBE I’M TALKING ABOUT YOU. AND ACTUALLY YOU, TOO, BODEN. AND YOU, JOHN LEWIS.

Muddy Puddles have a sale on at the moment, so you can pick up a big handful of cosy socks and the odd snow boot if you’re so inclined, for not much money.