I was asked recently on Twitter about the best T-Shirts, which is a good question but one where the answer is a bit tricky. Best T-Shirts are like best jeans – it’s what suits you, really. Everyone goes on about J Brands and I’ve got a pair and… they really have not changed my life. They really don’t look that great.

But for what it’s worth I am entirely devoted to T Shirts by Hush. They are made of a nice lightweight cotton that washes well. It has a nice tight V neck at the top (so doesn’t slide around and reveal your bra strap) good short sleeves and is very forgiving around the midriff. I’ve got one in every colour – some colours I’ve got two. The sizing is also flatteringly generous: I am a solid 10-12 and take an XS.

Best of all, they’re only £27. Hush has a disconcerting habit of being sold out of very popular things, but at the moment they seem flush with T-Shirts, so don’t delay.

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 17.46.58
£27, Hush