Photo on 14-01-2016 at 11.50 #2
Yay necklace from Meri Meri – alas this has sold out, but there are other cute necklaces available. Row of stars necklace from TopShop, a while ago. Khaki shirt from H&M.

I haven’t really got the hang of “layering” necklaces, though it’s a look I really like. Whenever I try it, everything gets tangled up in one big ugly rope of cheap metal.

But this combination works, sort of. The neon of the “yay” hasn’t come up here very well – it is much brighter and more fun in real life – and the sentiment is entirely at odds with my mood here. The kids are ill, I’m ill, husband ill, Sam up in the night (obviously), local foxes raping each other outside my bedroom window at 3am, combined with a bout of unexpected, disconcerting and frankly impractical menorrhagia (do not Google it) has left me feeling like a squeezed lemon.

That is the terrific thing about this necklace, though, it can either be a genuine YAY or an ironic YAY. The English language is a wonderful thing.