You’re looking at three things in this photo:

1 Skinny jeans are completely and totally over. The skinny leg silhouette is reserved for technical sports leggings only now. (She says, fully intending to keep wearing her straight leg jeans with boots for the rest of winter.) Find some sort of boyfriend shape that suits you and start getting used to them.

2 The cross body bag is also over. Any minute now verily the thing to have will be one of these holdy mini-tote grabby bag things. Now, look, before you all get furious, I know that you will still need to wear a cross body when engaged in serious childcare, I’m just saying that don’t go thinking that they are in fashion any more. They are not.

3 Big shirts are about to be all over the place. Literally! Splurging out of the top of your collar, and cuffs dangling about everywhere, getting in your soup. This shirt I’m wearing here, which is a tuxedo shirt from J Crew isn’t really big enough to show you what I’m talking about, but you get the idea.

Think Laurence Llewelyn Bowen crossed with Donna Tartt in her author biog picture from The Secret History. Big. Shirt. If you resent the puffy bulkiness of a big shirt under a fine knit then layer a close-fitting vest over the shirt and under then knit, as I have done here, it streamlines your outline a bit – and also adds a vital layer of warmth in these chilly days.