My stuff from Weekday finally arrived – it ships from somewhere in Scandinavia (naturally) and takes its cool time.

Anway I was in love immediately with my Borg “tee”, in love later with my dusk dressed joggers and sent back immediately the cropped swing jeans, which were beyond revolting in every regard.

Feeling a bit too fashion the other evening, I wore the Borg t-shirt with some silky culottes, long black socks (seriously) and my clumpy witch stripper shoes. This may have been ill-advised looking back on it, but I thought I looked terrific (and sometimes that’s all that matters).

Look at the concentration on her little face. Borg Tee, £28

The Borg t-shirt is perfect in every way but it is, as you can see from the photo, not especially kind to the old tum-tum – not one for fat days.

The dusk dressed joggers are on first look nothing special, but they are in fact a good value useful pair of black relaxed trousers, which you can either wear for slobbing round the house in or to be out and about. They are a loose but reasonably flattering fit and they won’t get the dreaded “knees” that jersey joggers do so love to develop.

Dusk Dressed Jogger, £45. Excuse my unpainted toenails. It’s just so far down my list of priorities as to not be on the list at all.