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Mac coat, £90

I am pleased as punch with this men’s mackintosh-style jacket I picked up in Gap last week. For about two years I’ve been filling the major gaps in my wardrobe with so-called “classic” pieces – you know what I mean, navy sweaters and black shoes and black jeans, that kind of stuff.

And a thing I love the look of is a trench coat but I look so genuinely awful in an actual trench coat with all the flappy wide lapels and epaulettes and belts. It’s a garment that seems to have been designed to look terrible on me.

But this mac, something that Columbo might wear, is entirely different and looks terrific and, actually, being a man’s coat, is sort of wrongly-shaped and oversized, which is in fact very modern. Look, I don’t make the rules okay? I am a 10-12 and got this in an XS.

It comes with a removable inner padded bomber jacket, which is actually rather fortunate as I know we’re all supposed to be wearing bomber jackets this year, but I sort of can’t bear the idea. But now this one has landed at my feet more or less for free and I find that actually to wear on its own it’s not as frightening as I had assumed.

In the spring I will be wearing this mac with a striped top and some red beads because, sometimes, there’s something just really pleasing about classic combinations, like breton stripe and trench, white shirt and blue jeans. Curry and beer. You know?

Breton top, Zara £17.99; Skirt, TopShop £25; UGG Adirondacks on sale £139; Satchel, Tustig £390. I HAVE just had a haircut, yes – thanks for noticing! Nadia at John Frieda: an angel sent from heaven to do hair better than anyone else.