The Joe boot, £280. If I see any of you wearing a glittery skull t shirt and a bloody fedora I will be so disappointed.


The logical progression from the intense proliferation of Doc Marten boots at the moment is the army boot.

With a pair of bikers and a pair of UGG Adirondacks, I cannot possibly justify another boot purchase, but if you were in the market, I really think these are lovely from Zadig & Voltaire.

I can’t find these online, but they are definitely in store. They are called the “Joe” boot and are £280. Definitely ring ahead to check that your closest store has some in stock in your size, as from experience Z&V shops and staff are singularly insouciant and not especially customer-service driven.

In fact on reflection forget I said anything about these damn boots. I’m sure Aldo will be doing a cute army boot any minute now; they’ve always got tonnes of stock and girls are always lovely.