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I did not take this photo

When I started giving birthday parties for Kitty I filled the party bags, as you do, with a shitload of tat. Stickers, sweeties, mini notepads, tiny crayons. Just utter crap.

The kids love it! I would say to myself. Give them what they want! They’re only little. Love it. MORE SUGAR.

But in fact there are some genuinely lovely things you can put in party bags that will not end up in landfill and while the kids don’t really care one way or another what’s in the party bags, the parents will probably be quite chuffed to see in a party bag:

  • a little book – Mr Men or similar
  • a curly wurly straw
  • a pair of age and gender appropriate knickers/socks
  • a packet of wildflower seeds
  • some ready-to-bake cookie dough
  • a cookie cutter
  • a colourful pocket pack of tissues

Like I said, the kids might not be punching the air, but it’s not all about them.