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I have only ever been to handful of weddings. First, I don’t have that many friends. Second, the friends I do have, are mostly single. Third, a clutch of my closest friends got married in Scotland in the 6 weeks after I’d had either Sam or Kitty. So I couldn’t go.

And now I am 35 and the weddings have really dried up. I have always listened with envy and wonder and mystification to anyone complaining about “all the weddings”.

“Every weekend!” They screech. “I’ve got a wedding every weekend between now and September!” They throw their hands in the air thinking of the logistics, the cost, what they’re going to wear.

I turn away and feel a bit sad and lost.

But! I managed to get married anyway and I didn’t meet him at a wedding. And if I was somehow very involved in someone’s wedding and had to do a hen party I would go directly to this company I just found, called Glam Hatters, which will throw a tea party (with booze) where everyone gets to make a hat. (It’s not just for hen parties, obviously.)

This would be especially excellent, I think, if that someone getting married was in the 33-40 bracket, where just going out for a big screechy dinner wearing L-Plates doesn’t really wash.

I understand from regular wedding guests that weddings mostly happen from May-September, so be sure to look into booking Glam Hatters now, as they will be getting busy.

If you have a brilliant recommendation for a hen party, do please leave a comment about it in the handy box below.