1. Sam and I have been reading Big Digger, ABC together for a few weeks and his letters are really coming along thanks to it. Though he may just be memorising the book and not actually able to recognised individual letters –  I have not independently tested his knowledge. The good thing about having a child who is fanatical about anything (diggers, princesses, Thomas the Tank Engine and so on) is that you can exploit the fanaticism to your own ends. Kitty was never fanatical about anything – it was tricky.


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£6.99, Amazon


2. I just got this personalised backpack for my, (okay Giles’s), god-daughter Dory. It’s fabulous and she loves it. I think it’s very important that girls know they can be superheroes, too. They might not want to, but it’s good to know that they can. For at least 18 months I was She-Ra. In my mind. It made the commute to work much more amusing.

On a side note, as the years go on I am more and more outraged and peeved that I have been afforded no godchildren of my own. What is it about me?! Tell me honestly! (Don’t.)

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Personalised Kapow! rucksack, £24 from notonthehighstreet