Because I am so craven and rigid, when it came to having to paint our drab whitish hallway a new colour, I went straight to Farrow & Ball’s new colours. One of these nine colours, feted like the arrival of a new Jilly Cooper novel was grey, called “Worsted”. Also, I read a piece in the Times by Rachel Johnson saying that the only colour to paint one’s hallway this day was grey.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 18.35.29

So off I went to purchase some tins of it. When my husband saw the colour going on the walls – (I was out) – he rang me up and said “ARE YOU SURE THAT’S THE RIGHT FUCKING COLOUR DARLING? IT’S A BIT DARK!”

“Yes!” I bluffed. “It will look amazing when it’s finished!” I added, with 100% more confidence than I felt.

Because that’s the thing with a new colour – who knows if it will be marvellous or dreadful? Who can possibly say? Though my general take on things these days is that I have spent my adult life painting walls timid, vanishing colours and it’s just so dull.

And the fact is that I have never seen any room painted a Farrow & Ball colour and thought “No, I don’t like it. This doesn’t work.”

I’m also going wild and having one wall in the kitchen painted “Light Blue” because I am so bored with my kitchen looking like the inside of a fridge, or an igloo.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 18.39.06

Anyway, more news on this as I have it.