Everyone bangs on about Topshop beauty being great and I have been duly suspicious.

When you say “great”, I am thinking in my head “What you mean is: it’s cheap.”

Well yes, look, it’s unavoidable that it’s affordable, but in fact it is also great.

I picked up a stippling brush for £8 and something that calls itself a “lip perfector”. I broadly stay away from glosses and squeezy lip things in tubes because very often my hands aren’t that clean – I mean, not actively covered in shit or anything, but not freshly-washed-five-mins ago – and I don’t want to squeeze gloss out onto a finger and then onto my lips and then where does one wipe the finger? It’s just not very zen.

But this lip perfector comes, brilliantly, with a sponge bit at the top, which acts as a proxy finger, delivering exactly the right amount. It’s not sticky and there are a good range of colours. I can’t find a picture of it online, but I bought mine in store.

The stippling brush I bought because, again, I dislike applying foundation or BB creams with my fingers, which then have to be washed and moisturised yet again if they are not to crack from side to side like old plates.

But with a stippling brush you can dab a bit of cover on the brush and then work it onto your face, getting into the contours – the bristles are short so you don’t get left with great sweeping streaks.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 14.19.11
Stippling brush, £8

Brilliant little products, both of these. Well done TopShop.