I made a disastrous thing the other night from Waitrose Kitchen – a Nathan Outlaw recipe for sherry lentils and baked turbot, which called for 100g of sugar for the lentil sauce. I followed the recipe because, you know, I just thought something magical might happen at the end, which would make the lentils covered in sugar edible. Often this kind of alchemy does happen with some of the least promising-looking ingredients. But not this time.

I am assuming that this was just a ghastly misprint because the result was just disgusting. Not even my husband could really eat it and he is an absolute dustbin.

But what he did have was a really great green sauce that went very well with the fish and would also be great with chicken – for example an otherwise dull and unappealing poached breast.

This is not the exact recipe, as the original calls for 3 cloves of garlic – way too many – and he also wants you to hand-chop everything. Sorry, Nathan, but seriously fuck off.

Green sauce for fish or chicken

Makes enough for 4 people

1/2 clove garlic (you could even leave the garlic out completely if you’re not keen on it raw)

2 tbsp capers

6 or so anchovy fillets

2 large gherkins

handful of rocket leaves

handful flat parsley

handful mint leaves

1 tbsp red wine vinegar (or any vinegar you have really)

1 tbsp English mustard

1 Put everything in a blender and whizz up a bit. Now pour in a few sloops of olive oil and blend again. Do this until you have a reasonably runny sauce.

The good thing about this sauce is that it is a “performance” sauce, as in it is very impressive, but it is also easy to make and store in advance so you can make it and have it sitting about for a few days, ready to liven up all manner of hot or cold foodstuffs.