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&OtherStories New Moon Jacquard dress, £69

I bought this lovely dress from &OtherStories the other day online. I can’t remember why or when, it’s one of those things with online shopping, it just sort of happens.

It arrived and it is a stunning dress – it felt really excellent and expensive and looks terrific. But it’s going back. I am ruthless about these things. I am the Ghengis Khan of returning clothes and aren’t quite right for whatever reason.

In this case, although it is perfectly lovely and flattering, it is quite unforgiving around the middle and I can just see myself not reaching for it, time after time, because I don’t want to be holding my tummy in all day/night.

But if you are in the market for a dress sort of like this and do not have the tummy issues that I do, then go for it. A lovely, impressive, very chic dress. But not for me.