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I have before made my own bircher muesli, where you put oats and grated apple, apple juice and yoghurt all together in a bowl in the fridge overnight and in the morning there is a super delicious breakfast waiting for you.

But this, if you are feeling cash-rich and time-poor, is even better than that.

You still have to add apple juice and yoghurt, but that’s easy – I pinch some of Kitty’s plastic carton apple juice and I make a point of always having a tub of Yeo Valley plain yoghurt on the go.

If you’re not organised enough to assemble this the night before but you have a bit more time in the morning, you can soak this in the juice for a minimum of 30 minutes and achieve the same effect.

The picture above shows the raspberry and blackcurrant version, but I have the almond and honey one, which I can specifically recommend.

In other news, poor Little Sam is so ill. Again!  He’s got a raging temperature, I’m not sure how high because he recently broke the last in a long line of ear thermometers and I simply genuinely cannot be bothered to replace it – he makes such a bloody fuss about having his temperature taken anyway.

He’s basically either really fucking hot, or quite hot, or not hot. He doesn’t want to get out of bed, which is very unusual, but he does occasionally smile and crack jokes.

Back in the old days, when Kitty was small, I would have spirited her to the GP immediately in a sort of defiance – look, look, look she’s really ill, fucking do something – but these days fevers and sick children who are at an age where they can talk and therefore just flop about when they’re ill watching telly and faintly groaning don’t bother me. The only thing that really frightens me is one of the Meningitises (B or C, viral or bacterial) but he’s not nearly ill enough for it to be any of those.

So here I sit, on the little sofa in Sam’s cool and shady nursery, getting more work done than I have in weeks, while he lies in bed watching Bing Bunny and Twirlywoos in his iPad and occasionally saying “Mummy, my nose is very drippy.”