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When on earth did Easter “trees’ become a thing? We certainly never had one when I was growing up – but then we didn’t have stockings at Christmas either. My mother was never one for making extra work for herself: four children will do that to a person. Sorry, any person except Jools Oliver obviously. I think women are divided into 2 sorts – the sort who love doing an Easter tree, and the sort who looks at you like: are you high?

It’s a big ask, merely four months after putting up and decorating a Christmas tree, to put up and decorate an Easter tree. I, of course, fucking love it and for the last 3 years have painstakingly blown and painted eggs to hang from branches of blossom stuck in a tall vase. Only because I enjoy it, you understand, I am not some crushed hausfrau – despite what my husband would dearly like to believe.

But I’m not doing that this year because every single year I’ve done the egg thing my children have been so overwhelmed with the awesome dinky-ness and pastel beauty of blown eggs painted and tied up with ribbon that they’ve demanded to play with them and I’ve allowed them to, thinking “Who am I doing this for, if not them” and they’ve ended up smashing every one to smithereens.

Easter tree egg detail 2013 – that was such a cold Spring that I could only get half-dead branches of blossom

So I’m not bothering with any hand-made element until my children are either old enough not to break them or old enough to join in and enjoy it.

Anyway if you are up for this sort of thing but don’t know where to start, you just find some big branches of blossom, or just big branches, or even sprays of catkin – most florists have blossom branches this time of year – and put them in a massive vase and hang decorations off them.

I like the Gisela Graham decorations available on Ocado, or there’s some very cute stuff available here.