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I sometimes wonder exactly how much easier my kids would be if they a) let me take their temperature with an ear thermometer and b) would take any sort of medicine.

I pretty much just guess if either of mine have a fever by just a) looking at them and b) putting a hand to a forehead. And anyway they are older now so it really doesn’t matter if they have a temperature or not. I am also one of those people who thinks that a temperature can be useful: burn off that virus!

But if you have a baby or a small toddler or if you are just an unstoppably curious person or neurotic about health, knowing exactly what temperature your kids are at any given moment is essential. Being denied the information causes you actual, physical pain. If you have a child like mine who screams and writhes and arches its back, shakes and cowers when you approach bearing the ear thermometer aloft, it is torture.

So hooray, then for the Kinetic non-contact forehead thermometer! It does what it says – you point the doo-dah at the little sucker’s head and it tells you its temperature. I did have a non-contact thermometer for Kitty when she was a baby that I simply couldn’t make work. It cost a fortune and I was furious about it.

But this one is only £19.99 and having tried it out on me, my husband and both children I can confirm that it works and is easy to use. Though bloody Kitty put her arms and hands all over her forehead and went “NOOOOOOOOOO!”

This is the kind of kid I’m dealing with, FML.