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Just when I thought there were no more innovations to innovate in the fake tan market (or “sunless tanning” as the beauty industry sometimes like to re-brand it) along comes something like this to knock my socks off!

This is a weeny bottle of potent liquid that turns your normal all-over moisturiser into a marvellous fake tan. You drip about 4-5 drops of potion into a splop of moisturiser (enough to do 1 foot and 1 lower leg, for example), mix it together in your hands and then apply it. A lot of people claim it has no smell, this isn’t quite true, it does have that fake tan scent, but it’s no way near as overpowering as most of them.

The effect is so subtle that you really need two applications to see it. This is for the quite to very pale who are only looking to take the edge off their immortal whiteness come the warmer months. I’m not sure if you can use it on your face – I must say even at 35 I am too scared to use fake tan on my face.

This is £26, but it will last you for two summers at least.

There is one little trick to getting it out of the bottle that you ought to know about, which is that you tap the end of the bottle to make a drip come out. I have been shaking it like a lunatic all these weeks. But then, I am not very bright.