A thing I’ve never really got the hang of is wearing dresses. Or skirts. I kind of have to force myself to, and always feel a bit like I’m in drag when wearing them. But I have in the past had some good summer dresses, (I think… or I may have confused my past with an episode of The Wonder Years), and they are very useful and nice to wear when it’s a bit warmer.

I am rather pinning all my hopes on this one, which I have been eyeing up on Boden Kids for the last few moths and finally caved in and bought it as otherwise any minute now I will hop onto the site to have a little looky-look and it will be sold out. Wear with denim shirt or jacket. I got this in a 16yo+ which is too big, (I am a large size 10 or a small 12), so I am waiting for my exchange for a smaller size – but in theory it is a very good dress if it was the right size.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 18.58.34
Sleevless check dress, Boden, £37.50 for a size 16yo+

This next dress, which is a pinafore, will not suit me and I also cannot afford it, but it might suit you. It’s from Clary and Peg, who usually only do maternity wear and the most marvellous baby bloomers but they are branching out. If you’ll like this sort of thing you’ll LOVE it.

Summer pinafore, £115