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£3.99 for a 410g pot. Leaves you with a handy glass pot afterwards. 

I am obsessed with my diet at the moment. I eat pulses, fish and green leafy veg only during the week so that I can eat cake and drink wine and pig out on lasagne on the weekend, which means that a) I don’t put on as much weight as I might otherwise and b) it ought to, in theory, keep me healthier than if I just starved myself on weekdays.

Sauerkraut, specifically this quite medicinal-looking “unpasturised” fresh sauerkraut by RAW Oragnic (available on Ocado), is very handy during the week to have as an occasional side.

The extra benefit of sauerkraut is that you’re supposed to have fermented food in your diet, such as sauerkraut, kimchee, live yoghurt and miso.

Yoghurt is easy, miso you can have in miso soup – or as a paste onto grilled or baked fish. I like kimchee but it can be a bit challengingly spicy and, err, just sometimes a bit yucky – especially at lunchtime when maybe you’re not emotionally or physically ready to ingest something quite so stinky.

Anyway this sauerkraut has a very gentle flavour, leaves no trace and lasts, properly covered in the fridge, for about a fortnight.