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Does everyone know about this? Or is it just me and my husband who talk about Herograms?

If you don’t know, a Herogram is when someone emails you and they’re like: “Thank you for this, you did a great job. Well done, we’re so grateful.”


No “but”, no “and also” no “and so”. Just “you’re awesome”.

There is nothing better than getting a Herogram. Very occasionally my editor at The Times, Nicola Jeal, will send me a Herogram. Actually I think it’s only been once. It was very short, like “Great to have you in the paper today,” or something. That from your editor is a big deal. I was like dizzy with little hearts and birds tweeting round my head for hours.

Sometimes my husband and I send each other little Herograms at about 10am  when the school run is done and dusted and we are settling down to the serious emailing business of the day.

“Listen,” we will say, “you did so well to sort out batting back XXXX for the XXXXXXX. It was really inspired to tell them that XXXX instead of XXXXX!!!! ha ha ha! what do you want for dinner.”

But, it is also very important to send Herograms, you feel me? You also have it within your power to make someone else feel that boss for a day. And I do believe that it improves everyone’s mood and therefore performance to receive a (an?) Herogram.

So if everyone sent 1 Herogram today, via text or email, (face to face is very advanced. I have occasionally done a F-2-F Herogram and it’s intense for an Englishwoman), to anyone, to a builder, a teacher, a friend or a spouse, the world would spontaneously improve.