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My husband has been away this week and when that happens, I normally just drink all evening, which is just pathetic and self-pitying and it really has to stop. Plus, cutting out booze is one of the fastest ways – as well all know – to get thinner.

I did go through a phase of drinking vodka, fresh lime and soda when I found myself alone in the evening. Great idea in theory, but in practice by that point in the day I was usually so fed up that I couldn’t even be bothered to mix all three ingredients together and ended up just sloshing 250ml of chardonnay into a glass. Again.

But this week I have a new tactic, which is working and feels a bit mad but also inspired. What happens is this: I put the kids in bed then go downstairs and eat my dinner (fish and chickpeas, fish and lentils, fish and greens) and then after dinner I neck one shot of very cold vodka.

And that’s it. You can’t do a shot on an empty stomach because that’s just suicide, (in the way that a few sips of golden, buttery Chardonnay isn’t), there’s no mucking about with it, it does exactly what you want it to – takes the edge off, blurs the lines – and it’s quite grim so you won’t want to do another one and therefore get far too pissed for a Tuesday night.