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Packing inspo

Perhaps I will only at 40 years old be able to pack properly for a holiday. Every time I pack for any holiday, I get a bit better at it. But it’s still not perfect and I find myself standing in a strange bathroom in a villa with crickets chirping outside, kids shrieking, running around the pool, covered in mosquito bites, holding chocolate croissants, and I will be thinking: “Damn, I wish I’d brought the…” I go against the gender stereotype norm when it comes to packing – I never bring quite enough.

This holiday I’ve just returned from in Sicily was good. I would give my packing 8/10. I am especially pleased that I put embarrassment to one side and packed 40 PG Tips teabags because without a cup of PG Tips in the morning I am really only half a person. And Liptons Yellow Label really won’t do.

But there a few items I missed out. As luck would have it, we have another holiday happening at the end of August, so I’ve got another chance to pack perfectly.

The things I missed most this time were:

1 My micro fibre hair turban. Mine is Aquis Lisse, but Soap & Glory also do one here. I meant to pack it, but forgot it and missed it sorely. I’m sure you know the thing I mean – it’s a kind of scoopy towel with a loop and a button and you jimmy up your hair with it. If you’re getting your holiday right, your hair ought to be wet quite a lot of the time and it’s often very handy to be able to get it right out of the way and dry it at the same time, while you get all the endless errands done that come with holiday villa living.

2 A foot file. My feet take a battering on holiday, from the heat, the sand, the chlorine, the salt water. And I am a monster for picking at dry skin so they quickly turn unsightly. I got my very good foot file from a corner shop chemist, but any old one will do.

3 After-sun hair treatment. My hair is bleached to shit as it is at the ends, and the swimming and the sun left it a proper frizzed-out mess by the evening. And not in a good way. Next time, I’m packing something like the Schwarzkopf Sun Protect leave-in conditioner and my Keratase Elixir Ultime Hair oil. I hear great things about Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer, too.

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£17 for 75ml

4 A blow-dry brush. I only packed on Tangle Teezer for the whole family, but in fact I really missed my little aerated brush that I use for blow-drying.

How about you? What things have you latterly discovered you can’t do without on holiday?